It’s a blog! And a rental harp!

Almost a year after I made my first post (that was never visible), I’ve finally added a blog section to my website!  I hope to post at least once a week with new updates, information about what I’ve been up to, and probably a lot of stories and musings about my life as a harpist.

Yesterday, I added a new page to my site all about the Lyon&Healy Ogden that I have for rent.  I have a lot of people who contact me because they’re interested in playing the harp, but never follow through and begin lessons.  Usually the reason is the cost of buying a harp, which is understandable.  The thought of spending thousands of dollars on an instrument you don’t know that you’ll even enjoy playing?  That’s no small thing!

I’m happy now to be able to offer the Ogden for my beginning and interested harp students.  Students can rent the Ogden monthly (for up to 3 months) while they see if playing the harp is something they’d like to stick with and/or look into getting a harp of their own.  I love helping potential students decide if playing the harp is right for them, so I’m thrilled to be able to offer the Ogden as an option starting out.