I don’t talk about it much, but one of my favorite part-time jobs I have is as a music typesetter.  Typesetting means taking – usually handwritten – original, arranged, or edited music and preparing it for publishing.  More simply put, I take things like this:

IMG_20160315_153608179And turn it into things like this:


The editor/arranger/composer adds anything they feel the music needs, such as fingerings or other markings, and we go back and forth several times until they’re satisfied with the edition and send it for printing.  Depending on how big the project is, we can get a piece done in just a couple weeks…or a few months.  Typesetting is one of the times that my being naturally really good with rhythm (hey, I can be proud of that!) comes in super handy.  The program I use for typesetting fights me every step of the way, so having a good understanding of how the beats line up is really helpful.

I love systematic and orderly things, so music typesetting is a lot of fun for me.  I turn on some music, often have a kitty on my lap, get to work, and the time flies.  It helps now that I have a nice view from my desk here in the new house.  Warmer weather means the neighbors tree went from sticks to really pretty in just 2 days.IMG_20160315_131821582_HDR

I’m continuing to begin new students, with a couple new piano students lined up to start in the near future.  Neither have any musical experience or music reading abilities, so I’m looking forward to that.  I love starting out with students who are brand new to music.  This Sunday, I’ll be playing harp for a baby shower at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens down in Alabama.  My dad built me a big, fancy ramp to help the harp up and down the steps into our garage, so I’m happy he made that for me and I’ll get to use it this weekend!

I’m hoping to find some time to do some recording soon.  With the two big typesetting projects I’m working on, adding several students to my teaching schedule, working towards a recital, preparing for gigs, still trying to unpack and settle into the house, and the part-time job that I started when we moved…sure seems like days are getting shorter, despite the longer spring days!  I’m hoping to put up several videos and recordings of some of my more popular gig and wedding songs.  My selection of almost-ten-years-old recordings and mediocre-quality recital videos is getting a bit embarrassing!