Ugh, Technology. Am I Right?

While looking at the stats for my website yesterday, I ended up discovering in a roundabout way that I have not been receiving all of the form submissions that have been sent through my websites.  I’m really not sure what the problem is because a test showed the forms to be working properly and I have been receiving SOME of the submissions, just not all.  As an example, there was a submission on June 27th from a potential student in Nashville, with whom I have been in contact.  On June 28th, there was a submission sent from Chapel Hill that I never received.  Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to access the forms or even see who sent them.  If you have contacted me regarding lessons or anything else in the last few months and never heard back from me, my greatest apologies!  Please give me a call or an email and I’ll get in touch with you right away!  I’m not sure what the problem is, but for now I’ve removed the forms and replaced them with my email and cell phone contact info.  It makes me sick to know that people have reached out to me regarding harp and piano lessons in the last months that never heard back from me.  I make sure that I reply to every email and submission I receive as soon as possible, so I’m disappointed to think anyone might think I’m not serious with my teaching.

Now…in happier news!

RecitalI’ve officially booked and put into motion my first Tennessee Student Recital!  As you can tell from my super awesome graphic that I definitely didn’t just throw together in 2 minutes in Photoshop, it’s coming up quick in September.  I have the location booked, but I left it off because I told my students that I wouldn’t open this recital up to the public. 😉

I’m super excited for this recital.  I never thought I’d find a date and time that can (theoretically) work for literally every single one of my students, but not only that, right now…every student is planning on performing in the recital!  I really have some of the best students in the world, I think.  I know most aren’t thrilled with the idea of performing (and I can’t blame them!), but they’ve all agreed to play!  It just makes me so proud!

I’m especially looking forward to this recital for my harp students, most of whom have never seen another harpist play other than me.  Since I’m not exactly a fair comparison, I want them to be able to see other students around their level (as well as slightly above and below) so that they can all see that they’re not alone.  The harp is not an easy instrument to learn and it’s normal for students to sometimes feel down on themselves…but they’re not alone and they’re all doing a great job!  I don’t have a single student that I feel is “behind the curve” and hope that by seeing each other perform, they’ll see that everyone has the same struggles, as well as their own strengths.

All of my current active piano students are early beginners, but I think the recital will be a valuable experience for them as well.  I started piano when I was 5 years old and I can’t tell you how many times I remember playing anywhere that my teachers could get us students performing.  I recently found a video of myself playing one-handed hymn melodies at a nursing home when I was barely 6 years old.  I think I was less nervous in that video that I am when I perform now!  Speaking of, my students aren’t the only ones who need to prepare for the recital, I’ll be performing at the recital in September too.

After this recital is behind us, I’m hoping to put together a Winter/Christmas recital in early December for my students.  There will only be solos for the September recital since it will be the first recital for all of my students, but I’m hoping to have some duets or chamber music for the December recital, as well as the solos.  I’ll also probably open the Christmas recital to the public…because everyone loves a little harp and piano for Christmas!