A Successful Recital!

Once again, I’ve been remiss in updating this as frequently as I intend to!  Luckily, this post was well worth the wait!

Last Sunday, on the 11th, my first Spring Hill student recital took place at the Community Baptist Church.  Nine of my students played (including my husband, who has only had 2 weeks of piano lessons!) and every single one of them did a fantastic job.  I didn’t open the recital to the public, wanting my students to feel at ease and welcome to play for one another.  I estimated about 30 people in attendance, a few family and friends.  It was a nice crowd!  I’m so happy and thankful to all of my students who attended the recital.  As I told them all probably 20 times, the recital was for them, not for me.  I wanted them to have the opportunity to hear one another play and be inspired and encouraged in their own practicing and learning.  I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did!


Most of my students won’t start working towards it for a few more weeks, but I’m already hard at work planning and preparing for the next student recital.  The plan is to have a recital on or around December 11th, featuring chamber music, duets, and ensembles, as well as solos.  I hope to pull out all the stops for the Winter recital and make it a grand event!  Now that my students have more of an idea what to expect, I’ll be advertising and inviting the public to come hear a wide selection of Christmas tunes and secular pieces.  Tentatively, I hope to have a Student Recital each Spring and Winter starting next year.  I’m going to shoot for May/June before many students start to travel and take time off for the Summer, and early December.

In other news, I’m thrilled to say that I’ll once again be playing with the Bryan Symphony Orchestra in November.  The program includes Smetana’s Moldau, which is a gorgeous piece.  The only thing better than playing with orchestra is playing with orchestra on pieces that I love!

Meanwhile, I’ve continued with my silly side project of uploading one video a week to my secondary YouTube channel.  Along with harp covers of songs you wouldn’t expect to hear on the harp, I’ve started uploading quite a few covers of video game themes.  As I’m writing this, my computer is currently bogged down rendering tomorrow’s video, which will be my 11th weekly upload.  This video will be a “harp ensemble” version of the main theme from Halo.  I try to keep most of my video game arrangements as solos, but I thought Halo was deserving of something a bit more…epic.


Probably a good thing I’m rendering the video overnight.  I have no idea how many hours it’s going to take!