Exciting Things in the New Year!

Winter Student Recital


The 2016 Winter Student Recital was a fantastic success!  Not only did we have a good turn-out of family and friends, many people from the Community Baptist Church and Spring Hill locals came out to see the students play as well!  Once again, all of the students gave wonderful performances and I received tons of positive comments in the following weeks from people who had attended.

Special thanks to John Evosevic and the Advertiser News newspaper for the awesome half-page article about the recital.  They surprised me by turning my simple inquiry about placing an ad into a full-scale article, which you can read on the Advertiser News website here.



It’s a bit late for Christmas, but I started out one of my new projects (a YouTube channel for piano videos) with a video of the Christmas “Medley of Carols” by Dino Kartsonakis that I performed at the end of the Student Recital.  You can watch it here:

Exciting Things Ahead

Exciting things are on the horizon for 2017!  In a previous post, I alluded to some projects in the works for the coming year.  Two of those projects include a new series of harp videos that I will be premiering in February, as well as publications of many of my arrangements becoming available for purchase!  I’m super excited to share a lot of what I do and have been working on with you in the coming months!

In preparation for new and exciting things in the world of Maggie Lovell, I’ve created a Mailing List/Newsletter for keeping up-to-date on my projects, performances, and general news.  There’s no fear of being spammed or overrun with newsletters, as it will only be used for major updates and newsworthy goings-on!  As my projects come to fruition and the newsletters begin to bring news, there will be options to customize what kinds of news you would like to receive.  Interested in the videos but not the publications?  No problem!  Rather see me perform in person, instead of in videos?  We got you covered!

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Because I am just that exciting, one of my highest requested and most happily received Christmas presents this year was a harp piece that I’ve been wanting to learn for many many years.  I won’t say what it is, but it’s the only piece composed by my favorite harp composer that I had never played, as it cost quite a bit for just the one piece and is rarely performed.  I won’t say that I’ll be performing it in a recital, but it does give me the added inspiration to begin preparing for a possible solo harp recital sometime in the Spring.  As if I didn’t already have enough projects on my plate!