Winter Student Recital & Shiny New Website

Winter Student Recital 2016

That’s right!  The Winter Student Recital is right around the corner!  Sunday December 11th at 3pm at the Community Baptist Church in Spring Hill, TN.  Wow, that’s a week from tomorrow!  I’m so grateful to all of my students who are participating in this recital, especially coming so (relatively) soon after the recital in September.  After all the “horror stories” I’ve heard from other teachers about having to give up on Student Recitals because of students being unwilling to participate or dropping out, I consider myself extremely blessed and am certain I must have the best students in the world.  Not a single one of the students who performed in the September recital decided they didn’t want to do it again!  With the addition of a few new students, the recital is certain to include a fantastic variety of ages and levels.

The program is still being adjusted, but right now it’s looking to include 12 students performing on both harp and piano with a total of 16 performances.  The recital will be about 50/50 harp and piano solos, as well as two selections for harp and piano together.  The majority of the pieces performed will be popular Christmas songs, but there will be several beautiful non-holiday selections performed as well.  Unlike the last recital, the public is invited to attend this recital and enjoy the performances.  I did a phone interview the other day with the local newspaper, who will be printing an article about the recital this week.  I hope to have a good turnout!




A New Website Design!

After dragging out working on it for a couple months, I finally sat down the last few days and put in the hours to do a massive overhaul of my website.  There’s still several things that need to be tweaked and added, but the bulk of the work is done.  Whew!  Hopefully the more streamlined menu and elegant design make the site both user friendly and pleasing to view.  I’ll be having new pictures taken in the beginning of the year which will be integrated into the site.  This new design and set-up also makes way for the two big projects I have planned for 2017.  I don’t want to go into too much detail, but keep an eye out for updates on a new video series and future publications of my arrangements and transcriptions!