Maggie Plays the Harp…in Georgia!

georgiaAs the snazzy graphic states, we’re moving to Georgia!

A little over two weeks ago, my husband was very unexpectedly offered a job (that he didn’t apply for) in Alpharetta, Georgia.  It’s such a great opportunity for him and his career that despite my extreme reluctance to move away from Spring Hill, even I had to admit that there was no way he could turn it down.  The company that he’ll be working for is so enthusiastic for him to begin that we were asked to relocate as soon as possible.  All of this leads to less than a month passing between finding out about the job offer and our moving day.  The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of me spinning in circles and waving my arms in stress-induced panic.  Our move day is scheduled for two weeks from tomorrow, but we’re still waiting for final confirmation on where we’re moving!

It’s been very hard for me to tell my students about our impending move.  Happily, I’m confident in each of their plans to continue their lessons.  My piano students have found new teachers to immediately continue their lessons without any downtime.  I’m especially happy that due to our relatively close proximity to the Spring Hill and Huntsville areas, I’ll be able to continue teaching almost all of my harp students, even after the move.  I’m looking forward to beginning lessons with new harp and piano students in Northern Georgia and growing my teaching studio there.

Since my family lives in the Huntsville area and my husband’s family lives in the Spring Hill area, I plan to visit both areas extremely often.  Luckily, Canton GA isn’t too far away for trips back and forth just about any time I’d like.  Because of that, I still plan to perform with orchestras in Tennessee and Alabama, as well as continue accepting gigs and events in Alabama and Tennessee.  Unfortunately, I will be unable to accept new students in the Spring Hill area and my plans to begin teaching in the Huntsville area again will have to be cancelled.

While this move is bringing a lot of big changes to our lives, I’m excited for what it will mean for my husband’s career and the future of our little family.  I’m happy to still be close enough to maintain a connection to Spring Hill/Huntsville and my students, and eager to see what new students and opportunities I will have in Georgia!