Greetings from Georgia

Greetings from surprisingly windy Georgia!  You’ll have to forgive me for this post getting straight to the point…


I’m not usually one to ask for help with things, but I find myself without a choice in this case.  Last week during our move from Tennessee to Georgia, the professional movers that were hired to help us with our move dropped my piano and severely damaged it.  I’m admittedly a bit untrusting of other people to handle things important to me and made 3 trips to Georgia and back just to move my harps and fish tanks because I didn’t trust them to anyone else.  Unfortunately, I simply couldn’t move the piano myself and was assured that these “professionals” move pianos “almost daily.”


My piano was built for my family in 1989 and I have memories of visiting the factory to see it being built when I’d first begun lessons when I was 5 years old.  The number of hours I’ve spent with that piano over the past 28 years is absolutely immeasurable.  When I was growing up, it was there with me through preparing for performances, practicing for jazz band, learning pieces for state competition, and all the other things I was involved in.  Even when I was away at college, I’d return to my parents’ house on the weekends and it wasn’t uncommon for me to get up on a Saturday and play the piano for 5 or 6 hours on end.  Since the piano was given to me by my parents several years ago, I’ve played it almost every single day.  And now, it isn’t just important to me anymore.  There are several very special young piano students who, years from now, will remember back to my piano as the one that they first learned to play.  Even though I only took lessons from my first piano teacher for a few months when I was 5 years old, I still remember everything about her house, her cat, and especially her piano.

The long story short is that my piano is on its way back to the factory where it was built in Elkhart IN and the movers’ insurance is only looking to pay a mere $200 of the estimated thousands that it will cost to get my piano repaired.  You can read the details in the link below, so I won’t take your time restating them all here.  Any tiny bit will help and even if you aren’t able to give financially, please consider sharing and spreading the word.  And as always, prayers are always appreciated as well!  Thank you for reading!

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