Where Has The Year Gone?

Time Flies

As we’re rolling on into December, I’m realizing that this year has practically flown by.  I was looking back on some of my older posts with hints of big and exciting things to come in 2017.  Many of the plans were put on hold with our sudden move to Georgia and those holds were extended by unrelated and unfortunate circumstances that have arisen since the move.

Possibly my biggest distraction the last few months has been pertaining to our cats.  We have 3 cats and anyone who knows me knows that my kitties are my babies and very important to me.  In late July, we almost lost Gurney to a urinary obstruction that led to a major overhaul of our lifestyle to help prevent a repeat of what happened in July.  Among other changes we’ve made, my husband and I now even make our own homemade cat food!

Of course, once things started to settled down with Gurney’s illness, poor little Riley decided it was her turn to end up in the ER.  The past 2 months have been filled with countless drives to a specialist vet down in Atlanta and almost constant care for my poor little girl.  A little over a month ago, I had a feeding tube put into her and it literally saved her life.  By my count, this morning was the 101st time I’ve tube fed her.  My harp-playing callouses have almost been overshadowed by the callouses that now cover my hands from the hard-to-work syringes.  But I wouldn’t change a thing I’ve done for Riley, as hard as it’s been, since it means that she’s still here.

But!  This is a website about my life as a harpist, not my life as a cat mommy!  Please read on for news of exciting things to come!


Exciting Things To Come…and I mean it this time!

While the kitties have taken up a lot of my time over the last few months, exciting things have been on the move for me and my harps!  Through the drama with the cats, my students have kept me sane and I’m still accepting applications for new harp and piano students!  Now that we’ve settled and the internet and my various connections have caught up to the change in location, I’ve begun performing again after a few months off after the move.  One such performance was an awesome concert with the Oak Ridge Symphony in Oak Ridge TN in early October.  It was a fantastic concert with great harp parts for 4 of the 5 pieces, including Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite (one of my favorites) and Poulenc’s Gloria with full orchestra.  I’ve also begun offering my services as a harp technician in the area again.  Last weekend I did a partial string change, felt change, and regulation on an excellent little Style 15.

Preparing for the Oak Ridge Symphony concert in October.
Preparing for the Oak Ridge Symphony concert in October.

Quickly Upcoming Performances

This Sunday, December 3rd, I’ll be performing with the Alpharetta Symphony Orchestra for their Christmas Concert.  I haven’t had the opportunity to perform with the AlphaSO yet, so I’m really looking forward to getting to know the members and staff!

Two weeks later, I’ll be performing with the Roueché Chorale and Orchestra up in Chattanooga for their Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols on Thursday December 14th and Friday December 15th.  As well as performing with the orchestra and chorale, I’ll be providing all Prelude music as a soloist.


Big 2018 Engagements…so far!

2018 is already shaping up to be extremely busy for me, with 2-3 months of constant weekend traveling in the works in the Spring alone.  There are a couple things that I can’t say too much about until they’re “officially” announced, but I have been hired as guest instructor for a week long harp retreat and will be serving as adjudicator on two occasions for another event.

In February, I’ll be hosting a Masterclass for my students and the immediate families in Athens, Alabama.  Right now, all of my students are planning to attend and participate, so I’m excited for the class.  I’ll be really interested to see how my students enjoy their first Masterclass, as most have never attended a Masterclass before.  I think there will be a lot for each of them to experience and learn.

On Sunday March 4th, I’ll be performing Bernstein’s “Chichester Psalms” in Montgomery, Alabama.  I always love performing the piece and am especially looking forward to the March performance.  We’ll be performing the chamber version of the Bernstein, in which the orchestra is reduced to only 1 harp, 1 percussionist, and organ.


2018 Solo Recitals

I felt this upcoming news deserves it’s own segment of my post!  In the Spring, I’ll be performing my first major solo harp recital in 5 years!  Right now, the plan is to “take it on the road” with performances in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.  Dates and venues are still being finalized, but the Tennessee recital will likely be mid-March, with the Georgia and Florida recitals taking place over the following month or two.

I’m finalizing the program for the recital this week, but I’m hoping to include many of my favorite pieces from over the years.  The Tennessee (and possibly Georgia) recital will also include a special guest performance by one of my very talented young students.  Stay tuned for all the details!