Things are Underway!

Things are finally kicking off around here!  My previous post mentioned the calm before the storm, referring to the last few weeks before things started to get really busy for me.  I’m now a couple weeks into that and things are just going to get busier!


Student’s New Harp & A Weekend of Lessons

One of my students has been on the lookout for a really good pedal harp for several months now and a couple weeks ago, I was able to set her up with the perfect harp down in Alpharetta.  Two students with two new pedal harps in the last two months…how exciting!

Congratulations, Julianna!

The following weekend, I spent a few days up in the Nashville area teaching lessons.  Julianna had her first lesson on her awesome new pedal harp, so we spent time going over some “proper pedal techniques” and looking at some new types of repertoire that she’ll now be able to play.

First lesson on a new harp!

I also spent an entire day with one of my other students, in what I referred to as a sort of intensive harp “day camp” focusing on some problem areas and general performance practice and stage presence.  I took my 85 with me so that we were able to play together, including a couple of fun harp duets.

I pulled into the driveway with a loaded-down car, ready for a full day of the harp!


AHS Evaluations

This past weekend, I had the fantastic experience of serving as the adjudicator for Day 1 of the Georgia Chapter of the American Harp Society’s Auditions & Evaluations.  Students from a wide variety of ages, levels, and backgrounds came and performed solos for me while I wrote down my impressions and suggestions for improvement.  Afterwards, I had a few minutes with each student to go over my feedback with them.  In March, we’ll all get together for Day 2, where each of the students will once again perform the same solos for me, showing me in what ways they did (and possibly didn’t) use my feedback to improve.  I’ll once again provide my feedback on their performance, then many of them will perform solos in a recital.

I’m thrilled to have been asked to be a part of this event and send so much appreciation to Ellen Foster, the Chapter President, for all of the work that she has done and will continue to do for the event.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending a long day viewing performances from such a variety of students (would you believe no two students performed any of the same pieces?) and I’m really looking forward to Day 2 when I get to hear how all of the students have improved.

Pencil and paper ready to go, just waiting for the first student to arrive.


My Newest Fan

Last week, we added a new member to our family.  Meet Ori!  He’s already one of my biggest fans and decided to get up close and personal with my harp the first time he saw me practice.


Since then, he’s decided on a less obtrusive spot to spend my practice time.  More often than not, I find him curled up under my bench while I’m playing.  Once the other kitties get used to his arrival in our family, I’m sure I’ll have all 4 kitties listening to me practice!

What’s Next?

So much!  I’m only just getting started!

Next weekend is my student Masterclass.  All of my students in the area are preparing their solos, so I’m really looking forward to what will be a new experience for all of them.  I’m also preparing a mini-workshop on some particular topics that students are interested in, such as tips for memorization.  I hope to record the Masterclass for students who are unable to attend.

The weekend after, I’ll be performing at the Alpharetta Presbyterian Church Kirkin of the Tarten celebration services.  I love Celtic music, so I’m always excited for any opportunity to play a bit of Scottish music.

The following weekend, I’ll be spending a couple days down in Montgomery Alabama in rehearsal and performance of the chamber arrangement of Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms.  The two harp parts for the full orchestra version are not easy, so this chamber arrangement where both harp parts are basically smooshed into one is a real challenge!  I can’t wait for this performance, it’s such a wonderful and beautiful choral piece.  This will also be my first time performing with the Montgomery Chorale.

The weekend after that will be Day 2 for the AHS Evaluations!

Followed the next weekend by Recital #1 in Murfressboro, Tennessee.  Stay tuned for all of the official details for my upcoming recitals.

And on and on from there!


Project in the Works

I know I like to say cryptic things about big projects in the works…but keep an eye on my website and Facebook  page for news about an upcoming project that I’m working on.  On top of everything else going on, I’m cracking down on one of the big projects that was displaced by our sudden move to Georgia last year.  Stayed tuned!