Adult Harp Retreat 2018 Videos

You can find the post about the week here!


My first arrival at Smithgall Cabin.  From the carport where I left my car (I elected not to ford the river to the parking lot) and across the bridge to the cabin.

You can hear the rushing of the water that we heard at all times throughout the week.  I loved it!!!  The weird jingling sound in this video was my car keys hanging out of my pocket…I have a lot of keychains. 😉


The first large ensemble rehearsal on Monday morning.  Rachel was leading the ensemble in a piece called “Wild Mountain Thyme.”


Wednesday afternoon with the oboist.  Robin volunteered to play first on this beautiful piece.


Some scenery.  This is from the deck of Smithgall Cabin.  It sits up above the intersection of the two “creeks,” so this is where they come together.


Standing on the balcony/deck of Creekside Cabin…where I then proceeded to lock myself out and had to bang on the door until someone noticed and let me in!


This small foot bridge was off to the side from the cabins, so I didn’t notice it at first.  Beautiful view from over the water!


Dover Cabin’s small ensemble piece, in rehearsal for the concert.  The piece is “Les Pins de Charlannes” by my grand-teacher Renié!


A short scan of the large ensemble performing “Wild Mountain Thyme” in the Saturday evening concert.  I was trying to be discreet from the front row, which is why the bad angle.


Rachel filled in as a third harp (due to a student being unable to attend at the last minute) for the Creekside Cabin small ensemble piece “La Llorona.”