An Understandable Delay?

After I got back from my week at the Summer Harp Academy, I was looking forward to a lull in performances and travel to really focus on some personal projects and preparing for my Christmas recital(s).  But life had other plans for me apparently!


I miss riding already. 🙁

I’ve taken horseback riding lessons for awhile now and the Friday after I got home from SHA, I fell off a horse for the first time.  People fall off of horses all the time and walk away fine, so even as I was falling off, I didn’t think much of it.

Long story short is that I broke 5 of the vertebrae in my lower spine.  I’m incredibly lucky that I did not have to have surgery and shouldn’t have any lasting effects from this, but I am in the middle of a long and painful recovery.  I like to think that I’m actually ahead of the recovery estimate though.  The neurologist estimated about a month until I’m able to get around by myself, and 2-3 months before life really can get back to normal.  I’m a week shy of one month today and while I am hobbling a bit and need to hold onto something for support, I’m able to get around fairly well by myself.



Thank you to Skylar and Marisa!
Tasty, tasty food from my student and her family!

I’ve been extremely blessed that my parents were able to immediately come over from Alabama and spend almost 2 full weeks taking care of me while my husband had to leave for a long business trip that he could not avoid.  Since then, my husband has been working from home to take care of me.  One of my newest students and her family came over and dropped off a whole bunch of really really tasty food for my parents and I to eat during that first week or so, which was so very unexpected and sweet of them to do!  I need to ask them for the recipe to the enchilasagna so that my husband can try it too!  Then a few days ago, I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the Georgia Chapter of the American Harp Society.  Again, so sweet and unexpected!  It’s so wonderful to be part of such a great and caring community of harpists in this area.


The flowers look so perfect, they almost don’t look real!

Luckily, I didn’t have to take very much time off from teaching before I resumed lessons with my students, and I already had a bit of a break over these couple of months from performances.  I haven’t been able to play the harp since the accident and likely won’t be able to really get back to playing my own solos for another month or so, but there has been no hindrance to my teaching and other duties.  The only delay has been with preparing for my Christmas recital (I’ll likely still have time to prepare for that once I am able to get fully back to practicing, keep an eye here for recital updates) and working on finalizing my arrangements for my store.  I very much work on arranging while sitting at the harp so that I’m able to try things and write down what I play.  While I’m unable to spend much time at the harp, I’ve put progress on my arrangements on hold.  Again, keep an eye on my site for updates of when I will begin having arrangements available for purchase.  Hopefully the delay shouldn’t be much more than another month or so!


Stay tuned for updates about my Christmas performances.  In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me in you’re interested in Harp Lessons or hiring me for an upcoming event.  My recovery should not impede my ability to perform beyond September at the absolute latest, and I anticipate getting back to playing even earlier than originally predicted!