We’re Moving!

That’s right!  At the beginning of March, in just under 3 weeks, my husband and I are moving to the northern part of Cumming GA.

Why a Change?

When we first moved to Georgia in the Spring of 2017, my husband’s job transfer and the resulting move were as unexpected as they were sudden.  The fast timeline he was asked to keep in beginning his new position in Georgia meant that the first time either of us ever came to this area of the state, we had to choose a house.  My 2nd trip to Georgia was to get the keys to the house, and less than 2 weeks later, we were moving in.  Being unfamiliar with Georgia, we selected Holly Springs as an area with a reasonable drive to my husband’s work, and a mostly centralized location in the north Atlanta region.

Now that we’ve been in Georgia for coming up on 2 years, we are more familiar with this area and where things are located.  I’ve been wanting to move closer to a larger area with better shopping options (we’re a bit in the middle of nowhere right now), and despite only being about 15 miles from my husband’s work, the nature of the drive means those 15 miles typically take over an hour each morning and evening.  (Those of you from Georgia likely understand that.)  With my new position at the University of North Georgia Dahlonega campus, it became evident that somewhere along highway 19 in Cumming would be the ideal place for us.

The New Location

Our new house is in a very new neighborhood located on highway 9 in north Cumming, just a couple minutes from US-19/GA-400.  Despite longer miles, the ease of the highway means that my husband’s drive to work will take a fraction of the time.  Likewise, my drive to the UNG campus in Dahlonega will be a quick and easy jog up 19.  I’m also looking forward to the ease of access I will have to shopping and public locations.

Luckily, this change in location for my teaching studio does not adversely affect any of my current students.  I’m also hopeful that this new location will be a benefit to potential students who live in north Georgia.  During the time that we’ve been here, I’ve received numerous inquiries about lessons from people located in cities north of here who were ultimately unable to make the drive down to my current location.  I’ve been told multiple times that even in Holly Springs, I’m the furthest north professional harp teacher in the area, leaving few options for potential students.  I’m hoping that a location a bit further north, and so close to several state roads and a major highway, will help facilitate lessons for those who are interested.

I’ve marked the following map with a small red circle in the area of our new house, for those who would like to get an idea of location.

Click for more detail.

Estimated travel time to my new studio from some popular locations are as follows.  When I refer to the name of a city “proper”, I refer to where the city is marked on the above map.

-Less than 10 minutes from the outlet mall area of Dawsonville, Coal Mountain, Silver City, and northern areas of Cumming.
-Roughly 15 minutes from Dawsonville proper, Chestatee, and Cumming proper.
-Less than 30 minutes from Milton and Alpharetta proper.
-Roughly 30 minutes from Dahlonega proper, Gainesville proper, and most eastern parts of Canton.
-Roughly 40 minutes from most parts of Canton.

If you’re interested in lessons but unsure of travel distance from your location, please feel free to Contact Me and I’ll help you get an idea!


I’m extremely excited for this move and looking forward to getting settled into the new house.  Knowing that our current location would only be temporary since we were new to the area, we never fully unpacked or settled in here.  I’m looking forward to making the new house our new home!